Trees and Robots

by Jacopo Scazzosi

The 2018 MacBook Pro 15''

I’ve recently upgraded to a 2018 MacBook Pro 15’’ from a 2013 MacBook Pro 13’’. What follows is a list of first impressions after a few hours of normal use.

All in all, these first few hours with my new MacBook Pro made for a relatively solid experience, with the notable exception of requiring a separate and rather expensive USB-C hub right from the very beginning.

When compared to my 2013, this machine feels like a significantly different compromise between thinness/aesthetics and functionality/reliability. Personally, I think Apple has gone a step too far towards the former while sacrificing too much of the latter. The feeling of sheer marvel and excitement that I experienced when I bought my 2013 has been replaced by a wary contentment that doesn’t feel quite enough for a machine at this price point.